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Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Eyeshadow Palette


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Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Eyeshadow Palette

Highly pigmented colours blend perfectly for flawless coverage
Features 14 shades with ultra-matte, duo chrome and metallic finishes
Double-ended blending brush ensures easy and precise application

  • Lucid Shade: Duo Chrome White Gold With Pink Reflect
  • Eden Shade: Ultra-Matte Coral Pink
  • Unity Shade: Ultra-Matte Nude Ochre
  • Sphinx Shade: Metallic Warm Bronze
  • Osiris Shade: Metallic Midnight Violet With Red Reflect
  • Sphere Shade: Ultra-Matte Electric Green-Yellow
  • Obsidian Shade: Ultra-Matte Deep Black
  • Dimension Shade: Duo Chrome Silver-Grey With Pink Reflect
  • Parallel Shade: Ultra-Matte Truffle
  • Pyramid Shade: Metallic Yellow Gold With Green Reflect
  • Throne Shade: Metallic Blackened Blue-Green with Multicolor Reflect
  • Saturn Shade: Ultra-Matte Terracotta
  • Eternal Shade: Metallic Violet Copper
  • Lure Shade: Ultra-Matte Ashy Lilac


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